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Fun Games for Girls

Games for GirlsHello ladies, are you sick and tired of the male dominated gaming community and are looking for Games for Girls? Everything seems to be marketed towards the guys with war games, big guns, macho male characters and a fetish for shooting stick figure characters in the face. Firstly, don't knock 'em, these games aren't just for guys and can be fun for everyone but if that is not your cup of tea there are plenty of easy going casual games that embrace the feminine side (unless your feminine side also likes big guns).

Have you ever watched celebrities walk the red carpet and thought "what a fashion nightmare, I could design a better outfit than that?" Now is your chance to live that Fashionista dream by dressing up your favorite stars from Katy Perry to Tom Cruise and Megan Fox, or even the characters from the Twilight saga (go team Edward!). If you get tired of embracing your sense of style, if that is possible, don't worry there are dozens of other more traditional games that will test your merit as a gal gamer. Try Halloween Hooker...okay, I know what you're thinking, but no it's not that kind of hooker. Steer the broom stick flying witch around to 'hook' the wandering children and drop them into the great pumpkin where a Halloween party is soon to break out. You'll have to be careful and keep the flow of kids regular or you'll run out of time...and try not to miss the pumpkin, the hard impact of the ground isn't so good for the kid's spine. For a real challenge there is Flour Factory, where the taskmaster Rabbit will endlessly pour flour from a tube and you must help Panda collect it all.

Remember games are not only for guys and there are dozens and dozens of Games for Girls available in every genre worthwhile. Test your skills and play out your gaming fantasies right here. Visit Wikipedia for more information.