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Point and Click Games - PNC Games!

Point and Click GamesPoint and click games are a return to simpler gaming. While the latest video games are attached to a plethora of gaming buttons on a specially designed controller, these games operate with a simple computer mouse. Point and Click games used to be the only computer games around due to the limits of computer gaming technology. Many different games could be bought or often were part of a package of software bought with a personal computer. These games reached a height of popularity with the puzzle laden fantasy world of Myst in the early 1990s. Myst provided artistic scenery, challenging puzzles, and a simple navigating system any computer owner could operate. However, with the advent of technology that allowed for first person shooter games in a simulated 3D environment, these games were marginalized as a quaint relic of computer gaming past.
But times changed again. With the rise of the internet, social networking, and smart phones loaded with technology that can access the internet from anywhere, point and click games have made a comeback in the computer gaming world. This resurgence can be attributed for various reasons. The simple interface of these games make it appealing to casual gamers who are only looking for a small amount of escape from their lives and don't need the gravity of a more complicated video game. The straightforward objectives of many of the games also appeals to people looking for a dose of gaming entertainment for a lunch hour or bus ride to work and don't have time to master complicated rules. Additionally, these games are often free to play and require no download. They are easily accessible and easily mastered. Because of their simplicity, these games are designed and posted to websites constantly. This provides not just a steady stream of new games from which to chose, but also a guarantee of finding the perfect game for any individual.
Point and click games are found on websites that offer many different games sorted by type and genre. Some sites will specialize in point and click adventure games while others may offer different niches such as point and click submachine games or point and click room escape games. The best websites will offer a platform to submit your top scores for the world to see and earn digital trophies. This is the best website for you to enjoy some casual gaming in your quiet time.