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Free Word Games Online!

Free Word GamesHow old they are no one is for certain but one thing is for sure - words are one, if not 'The,' most important creation ever to slip out of the trillions of neuronal pathways of the human brain. Free word games capitalize (see, a pun...a silly game of words) on this pivotal creation of human history. What other human invention do you come in contact with everyday more than words? You may pretend not to like them, you may have doodled in English class, but in reality you use them every day without exception in reading, writing, speaking and thinking. These sticky little symbols are crawling all around the crevices of your brain so open up your mind and let them out to play with one of these challenging games of wit, vocabulary and syllabic goodness.

These games come in as many shapes and sizes as the words in the English language. Find out your top word-related skill by trying out each category to see how you stack up. You don't have to have the vocabulary of an ancient languages professor (although it wouldn't hurt). Typing Games emphasize the speed of your fingers across the keyboard more than your savvy skills with creative word creations. Besides being fun this category of free word games is a perfect practice exercise for those of us living in the modern world where typing skills aren't just a mundane ability put a necessity to interact within today's cultures. And just try getting a good job with a typing speed of 15 wpm.

But if you're here solely to have fun with a few good games, and why shouldn't you be, this genre has more to offer than your usual blend of online flash games. There is nothing more relaxing, not to mention rewarding if you win, than good Crossword Games or their somewhat similar cousins, Word Search Games. While one will test your reasoning and the limits of your vocabulary the other will test your detection abilities.

Now for you real hardcore word game fans that salivate at the very thought of a juicy and obscure sesquipedalian, for you etymological savants who can't wait to get to the meat and potatoes of the word gaming genre, there are the truly challenging games of skill and wordsmithery. Push the capacities of your mental prowess with Spelling Games. Five-hundred years ago there was no real compulsory method to spell any word (even Shakespeare hopped around in the spelling of his own name) but today we have certain standards that can sometimes be a bit tough to meet - which is perfect for those who love fun word games. For the truly strong at heart and quick of mind there are heaps of Word Puzzle Games to keep your brain figuratively on its toes. If you're willing to push the limits of your lexicographical potential these games will prove to be the word challenge you've been looking for. And, of course, there is always the classic Scrabble Games which even the least wordy out there can't resist. Who said learning couldn't be fun? See Wikipedia for more defined explanation.