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Travel through multiple regions around planet turbo on your futuristic hoverbike while competing with opponents to grab funds for vehicle upgrades such as improved handling, boost, shockwave strikes, and engine modifications. Using the arrow keys to change racing lanes and drive, watch for obstacles and upcoming bonuses like energy boosts and $ in order to collect the money you'll need to stay a competitive racer. Boost ahead with X and administer a shockwave attack to nearby competitors with Z. Reach break-neck speeds over 200mph, but use your energy surplus wisely if you want to be able to pass that last racer in the final stretch! Space Punk Racer is one of our many Driving Games that we publish on This game is also tagged as a Racing game. Click the play button to start having fun. To play even more free games, view our popular and new games page. If you want to play more games like this, then you can simply check out the games inside the game tags that are the most relevant to your interests or the Driving Games category or the games like this game page at the end of the game tags.

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