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Monsuno: Battle to the Core

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Game only seems to work properly in Internet Explorer! So if you can't select the Training Arena then switch to IE for the game.

Monsuno: Battle to the Core

You will get to battle your Monsuno Lock against the evil Eklipse and his monsuno and S.T.O.R.M. First goto the training arena so you get the basics and you will practice your commands with lock against a punching bag. Inner Light will heal Lock a bit. Use the Lightning Bash, Grappling Blast and the Special Attack to cause damage to your opponents Monsuno. Block will allow you to take off if not all damage from an attack so use it if you have limited options. Also if you see the other Monsuno block and you need health you should take the opportunity and heal up while you have the chance. The meters bars around the attack command circle is the health meter of your Monsuno so keep a watch on that if you start getting into the orange or red then you need to play a bit better to not lose the round.

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