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ArmorGames.com and long long ago once known as Games of Gondor

Armor Games Logo
Armor Games is a sponsor tag created for the flash games portal armorgames.com and a long long time ago it use to be gamesofgondor.com. Anyhow, if you are looking for games with armor (or armour for you Brits) you will definitely find that and more because Armor Games does not only have awesome action adventure games with knights and magic and all that jazz they also develop and sponsor some pretty fun puzzle and distance games. They also put out some of the best tower defense games you will find in the online games market: Kingdom Rush was a huge hit gaining something like 18 million plays in two weeks give or take a few days, and that is not the only one they have a series of TD games known as GemCraft you will definitely have to check out.

One of their developers goes by the name Conartist makes some awesome strategy games like Warfare 1944 and has a good shooting game series called The Last Stand which even has a multiplayer version currently on Facebook. Then there are games like Sushi Cat that is an addictive peggle like game where you drop the cat in between the pegs and he bounces down and eats all the sushi in the rows that he hits. Their platform puzzle series: Shift is a must that you will need to check out of the you like the running puzzler games. The elephant games from John known as Achievement Unlocked and This is the only Level are also popular and one of the games that you must not forget to play is Sonny and Sonny 2. These are about a guy that wakes up and suddenly he is a zombie and you have to go through turn based battles to fight enemies and uncover his story, it is a really good game and a favorite for gamers who like to find and horde special weapons and accessories.     Wikipedia