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Free Zombie Games Online

Free Zombie Games Online - We cannot wait to gets our hands on you!

The mass of undead rise and rise again in the ultimate apocalypse scenario. Free Zombie games online are a multifaceted genre that require more than the ability to decapitate or otherwise incapacitate a few dozen (or hundred) flesh hungry mindless beasts. These games are a test of survival skills and many of them will challenge all the player's abilities to outwit and outgun the enemy while being grossly out numbered. While many of these games are nitro-adrenaline fueled shooting frenzies, the real way to victory isn't through bullets but with brains. And you'll need to protect that gray matter more than ever as that just happens to be the zombie's favorite hors d'oeuvres.

This genre has one feature that makes it stand out among its peers. While many gaming genres will incorporate one or two great games and a few good games most of them are mediocre at best. This isn't true with zombie games online; somehow it is nearly impossible to find a zombie themed flash game that is not worth playing. It might be because they follow such a predictable and classic theme and like most of these elemental structures they never get old or repetitive. There isn't a lot of variation between these games but this is actually its strongest feature since it is exactly that core concept of a small band of human survivors in a post-apocalyptic world of reanimated corpses that makes it, for lack of a better term, fun as hell. It is the focus of the survival that make the games each have their own individuality while sharing such a similar story; will you rely on sheer firepower (shooting a bazooka point blank in a zombies face is like...well, just as cool as it sounds) or will the story require a more cerebral approach of rebuilding civilization, rescuing other survivors or finding a cure.

One thing is for certain: survival will not be easy. The key to winning these games is often similar to solving a puzzle, except if you fail to solve this one a zombie will rip your intestines out. Free online zombie games are about strategy. Despite that, being a decent shot with a rifle won't hurt your chances of winning. The definitive cult horror genre will never fail to please its diehard fans and if you have the guts, and keep them out of zombie hands, you just might make it till dawn. If you're lucky.     Wikipedia