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New Online Strategy Games

New Online Strategy Games for the Armchair General! Web Strategy Games

Are you looking for a new game to occupy your time? If you're looking to test your mind as much as your reflexes and are tired of playing online games where an itchy trigger finger are all it takes to win, new online strategy games are the right choice for you.
Brains win over brawn in these sorts of games. While there are many types of games within the strategy genre, they all boil down to the same principle: it's best to look before you leap. While you can rush out into battle without so much as half a thought in a lot of other games, these sorts of games won't be very forgiving to anyone who doesn't keep their wits about them and stick to a cunning plan.
For new strategy players, tower defense games are usually a good starting point. These games tend to start off at a slower pace and let players adjust their plans as they play. The objective is usually to build up defenses around a base or important point in order to keep various enemies from destroying it. Good tower defense games give a simple playing experience without sacrificing the strategic gameplay and addictive fun of the genre.
Real time strategy games are what come to mind for most gamers when they think about online strategy games and, as the name implies, features action that unfolds in real time. Unlike tower defense games, which usually have a planning period where you can set up an early defense, these games challenge players to deal with problems as they play out on the fly. While they might not be best for beginning players, strategy enthusiasts will love this time-honored subgenre.
War games are a popular genre of game as well. Like the popular board game Risk, these games challenge you to manage an army and resources in order to conquer your enemies. Some war games might be real time and others might play out in turns, but a good war game will make an armchair general out of any gamer.
Puzzle games are a very popular type of strategy game as well. Whether it's popping bloons with a limited number of darts, dropping shaped blocks into lines or flinging colored birds into towers of pigs, these types of web strategy games involve a focus on solving a problem rather than protecting a tower or defeating an enemy.
No matter what sort of online strategy games you enjoy, you will find the perfect game to test and stimulate your brainpower here. See Wikipedia for more clarity.