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Fun Drawing Games Online for Kids of all Ages!

Of all gaming categories none give the player more control over an environment and gameplay than drawing games. These games will appeal to two types of gamers in particular: those that enjoy art and drawing (of course) and those that strive for omnipotence. You might think that latter group of people is limited, but imagine the appeal of having god-like powers that allow you to design, manipulate and control a world. Go ahead and massage your ego.

There is a third group of gamers that will find in this category their ultimate game tool. If you're a dedicated gamer you might have fantasized about designing your own gaming creations and several of these games are good beginning design tools for the fledgling designer to enhance their abilities. Create environments, choose characters, incorporate objectives and play your own basic game conception. Drawing games will challenge every particle of your creative abilities and give you the insurmountable satisfaction of manufacturing your own game scenarios. Whether you just want to learn to draw a bunny with a computer or are looking for a free gizmo to practice your future dream career here is a great selection of fun and challenging games to satisfy your gaming impulses.

For the rest of you who have fallen through the cracks of the descriptions above and are just looking for something fun to play online don't fret this is what all games are for (it's in the name). These games are not all just point-and-click drawing scenarios that require at least mild artistic abilities to play; many are adventure quests with action oriented goals or puzzles where the main challenge is to manipulate the environment to solve some visual riddle. Sharpen your pencils, focus the right hemisphere of your brain and get the creative juices flowing with these games.     Wikipedia