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Mario Games Online

Play Mario Games online no download required!

You now can play Mario games online now with no download necessary. Also, submit your scores to earn trophies for playing these awesome games!
Mario games online have a long and distinguished history among video games. Real gamers have known and loved this series of video games since the early 80's. Mario adventures were first created by a video game designer named Shigeru Miyamoto. The main character, in which the game was named, is also the Nintendo mascot. Mario was first featured in the Donkey Kong game in 1980, which was the first game in the Mario series. Now, this series of games has increased to over 200 and is still growing.
The mario adventures are played by doing a ton of jumping and avoiding volcanoes, maneuvering through 8 worlds to rescue the princess, and maneuver your way though an adventure that keeps you glued to the edge of your seat. Mario games may be played online, in a variety of versions and ways. Some of which can be played with friends in a healthy but competitive way.
These games can be played online, normally just using a simple internet browser like Internet explorer or Mozilla firefox. They are flash based, which means there is no need to download the game. They are simply programmed to be enjoyed on any browser. In order play these awesome games, all you have to do is go to the gaming website where the games are offered click and start playing! It really is that easy! The site also has many other great games available to play instantly online.
So all gaming enthusiasts whether you enjoy playing alone or against friends competitively, will simply love this site. Also no matter which of the hundreds of online Mario games is your favorite you can find them all here. Go now and play all these games Online to win your trophy, challenge your friends and enjoy the adventure of these games. It is absolutely amazing to realise that every version of the Mario series of video games are now available to everyone in the world who has an internet connection!     Wikipedia