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Car Games

Online Car Games to Play!

Cars mean more to their owners than a simple means of conveyance; instead they are more akin to a beloved pet, a very special possession that is an essential component for living in modern society. Car games are a special treat for the automobile lover, a phrase that includes the entirety of the human race since it is a rare occasion that someone is not at least an amateur connoisseur of the motor vehicle, excepting the Amish community, and they probably don't spend a great deal of time looking for good online flash games, car oriented or otherwise.

These games come in as wide an assortment as cars themselves. From simple parking games that challenge the players every microscopic particle of driving ability in complex, puzzle like scenarios to the more adventurous and action oriented racing games that will take the engine to its max horsepower. Only the sharpest of reflexes and reaction time will keep the car from careening towards disaster at those top speeds. Games that feature driving are more difficult than the real world equivalent where you are plagued by the necessities of traffic laws and speed limits. Take away all the monotony of super highways and checking blind spots (don't forget to signal your lane change) and replace it with break neck speeds, death defying car stunts and bamboozling obstacle courses.

Unlike most games car games have a special feature that makes them worthwhile. The actual gameplay is only half the excitement, whatever turn it takes. Driving is the main feature of playing in most of these games but many car buffs will find the upgrades more worth the effort than winning any actual races. There is a reason this category is called car games and not driving games because the focus isn't just on operating the vehicle but on the car itself. Pimp out your ride with bigger and better engines, top-of-the-line paint jobs, sleeker bodies, spoilers, new rims and nearly every other feature it is possible to supe up a car.

If the sound of a revving engine tickles your ear canal more than anything that Mozart fellow ever composed and you are a gamer (you should be or why else are you here) then this is the category for you. Cars hold a pinnacle spot in today's culture and any scenario that brings to life the fantasy of forgetting the rules of the road for a while is a service to mankind. The car games featured here range from casual, relaxing driving scenarios to the exciting world of monster piston power.     Wikipedia