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Play Shooting Games Online

Play Shooting Games Online!

Those of us who cut our teeth gaming in the early days of stand alone console systems have watched with anticipation for the day our beloved Shooter Games would be available online. Shooting Games online have been a staple of the gaming industry almost since it's inception. Now with the proliferation of high-speed Internet connections and the tech industries steady move toward web applications and reducing the cost of online storage space they have moved into the online arena. And they're gaining steady approval with online gamers.Whether you're looking for shooting games with no blood to keep the gore level down or shooting games with zombies we have plenty of both to keep you happily gaming and horrified.
Having a long and successful history with gamers, one may not realize the wide array of shooting games online even though some of them may have been your favorite games in the past. It may surprise you to learn that shooter games have been on the market since the mid 1970's! Maze War and Spasim are considered the first shooter games to be available on the U.S. market. And with every iteration gamers have benefited from improvements in technology and inventive twists on the genre. Most of us recall the most recent of shooting games that took the U.S. market by storm, in the late 1980's we were all pointing our light guns at targets on our television sets in Duck Hunt and in the 1990's Resident Evil a horror movie inspired shooter game spawned a movie franchise all its own. Now in the 2000's when we play shooting games on the Internet there is a wide variety, and many that are free to play. Centering their game play around ranged weapons, from lasers to bow and arrows and everything in between. Often part of the challenge is the collection and frugal management of ammunition, as well as upgrading weaponry as game levels advance in shooting games with upgrades. Strategically placed "save points" can also be a big part of the game play. A player's speed, manual dexterity and reaction time are tested-think; "Hogan's Alley."
Available in several flavors to tempt the palate of the diversified online gaming audience. A few of the game styles are as follows;
First Person Shooter Games - Simulating the view of the on-screen character and often showing the hands and or weaponry of your avatar, also sometimes accompanied by a heads-up display.
Third Person Shooter Games - This style of shooter game usually has several views to choose from with the default view that puts the gamer behind and slightly above the on-screen avatar.
Tactical Shooter Games - A slight variation on the above descriptions, tactical shooter games with teams often focus on a more realistic scenario and often center game play on man-to-man skirmishes and squad based operations. Additionally many tactical artillery games are considered by many to be a variety shooter game with more emphasis on strategically utilizing snipers, squads of personnel and/or vehicles and artillery.
Chances are high you will find a shooter game that engages and challenges your gamer skills online, so boot up, log on, and blast away!