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Parking Games Online

Parking Games Online - Park it and play some games!

From everyday tests of driving skill to insane games of high speed rocket firing action, Parking Games Online will sit you in the driver seat and see what you can do behind the wheel of nearly every type of automobile. Whether you're here to see if you really can parallel park (minus the real-world danger of knocking the bumper off of some high-end BMW) or you want to jack a car and climb the mob world ladder (minus a couple decades behind bars or an eternity "sleeping with the fishes") here are over two dozen of the best and zaniest car parking games online.

These games range from the mild to the wild, but they all share the same challenging gameplay. Carefully navigate a vehicle through an obstacle lined world to park or drive to victory. Casual gamers will love this genre. Simple but fun games like "Parking Mania" are the bare bones these games have to offer. Quiet levels of challenging parking scenarios that can keep you busy avoiding the bumpers of a crowded parking lot for hours. "Parking Mania" may be quiet and casual but it is in no way easy and will take every ounce of considerable driving skill to manage these courses. For those looking for something a bit more... let us say "rocket fueled," games like the "Mad Trucker" series will see how well you can drive while inflicting heavy damage on your highway surroundings. Gun down cars, put the pedal to the floor and blast Apache helicopters from the sky while trying to rack up funds and seriously upgrade your monstrous Big Rig.

Car Parking games online are fun, addictive and challenging games for the car enthusiast, or for those simply looking for a little difficulty and four-wheeled amusement. Travel the streets of London as a cabbie or hit the open road as a truck driver with everything in between. Park yourself silly.     Wikipedia