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There is only one character that has the potential to rival the fame, prowess and heroism of Nintendo's icon Mario (he was actually created just for that purpose) and that is Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic games stand right beside the most famous series in history along with the biggest names like Mario, Donkey Kong and Link from the Zelda series.

Unfortunately the number of titles released by Sega are limited and who can get enough of the sheer bone warping speed Sonic and his other rodent pals bring to the video game world? The world of online games never cease to bring you the best gaming characters in new and original adventures to continue to satisfy your need for more Sonic fun. Today there are several games available for home consoles that put the titular character in big 3D worlds with the best graphics and expansive environments to explore but true Sonic games fans know the golden age of this little blue speed demon was in the limited graphics world of the 1990's when the Genesis console was top of the line. Many of the flash games available in this category harken back and imitate perfectly the games from this era and give you exactly what you're looking for - new games from a lost era.

Aside from the classic copy games there are a number of original creations that will pit Sonic in various battles, duels and other puzzling scenarios. But Sonic games aren't just a collection of the Hedgehog alone but an entire genre of fast paced ramp launching obstacle courses for characters to endure. Fancy Pants is a perfect example of this niche of video gaming and will give the player a new outlet for their Sonic-like gaming needs with original characters and a style all its own. If you've been shedding many a lonely tear at night at the loss of the classic character you know and love despair no more. Stretch the ligaments in your button pushing hand and prepare to take Sonic out for another spin through gold ring laced, danger lurking levels in great new creations.     Wikipedia