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There are a truckload of games about driving, racing and flipping dirt bikes. Free Truck games are for those dedicated gamers looking for a bit more horsepower and maybe a few extra wheels. For big open dirt tracks and multi-ton monster vehicles this category of online truck games is everyone's dream... if that dream is to push the limits of a Big Rig or jump over a dozen cars with a vehicle that has wheels 6 1/2 feet in diameter or destroying the city in a garbage truck game.

Trucks offer more opportunities in online gaming than your usual car games. One of those opportunities being more mass destruction. Forget about going Postal, now it is time to go Trucker. Lay waste to highways across the land in the Mad Trucker series where your super-sized semi will smash and crash its way through traffic with the aid of a few rockets and mini-guns. These are tough games of insane speeds and big explosions. With enough gasoline and some luck (necessary to avoid the many police choppers intent on stopping your rampage) you might destroy a few decent freeways in your quest to...well, destroy a few decent freeways. But Free Truck Games don't have to be all about speed and demolition, they will also appeal to the puzzle game lover with a secret appeal for the biggest four wheeled vehicles ever made. Solve tricky scenarios in Truck Loader or test your real world driving capabilities behind a Big Rig in skill games.

Whatever your trucking ambitions may be - monster truck racing, destruction or skill based - this category is a treasure trove of the best Mack Truck sized engine driven flash games the online world can contain. There will be plenty of action and challenging scenarios to go around. Buckle up, put your big puffy trucker hat on (not an option) and test every bit of driving ability you can muster.     Wikipedia