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Ninja Games

Ninja Games - You're dead before you even know what's going on!

Dark shadows, throwing stars, samurai swords, infiltration and stealthy assassinations; what more needs to be said about ninja games? For close quarters combat and Kung Fu fighting where (and this needs to be addressed, sorry) the kicks are fast as lightning this is the category to unleash your inner clandestine, ass-kicking warrior.

The ninja originated in feudal Japan perhaps as far back as the 12th century as a mercenary class of warriors dedicated to more unconventional and covert activities. There are few distinct sects of warriors that have garnered such prestige and an air of mystery behind their role in history and training. Who hasn't folded a sheet of paper into a star in grade school and attempted to hit their overlord teacher in the back of the skull (emphasizing stealth tactics, of course)? Now you can leave the world of paper weapons behind and enter the expansive gaming world dedicated to the ultimate class of warrior and live out your fantasy of being the right hand of death with ninja games.

The modern idea of the ninja doesn't have to conform completely to the classic image of a black suited, knife wielding guy hanging upside down from the top branch of a tree waiting to pounce on a victim in all ninja games. Ryu Hayabusa is not the only badass video game version of the ninja on the block. The west has transformed this ancient tradition into a more all-encompassing form. If the game character has some martial arts moves, knows his or her way around a few awesome and lethal edged weapons , can sneak and can kill with their bare hands they have enough qualities of the ninja to make it here. Try out your best moves with these challenging games and remember to leave no survivors behind to identify their assassin.     Wikipedia