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Match 3 Games Online

Match 3 Games Online 2013

So you've been around the online gaming world, shot your fair share of foes, leaped across bottomless pits, unlocked hidden worlds, put a battle axe through the skull of a dragon, survived zombie hordes and now you're looking for something a little more casual and relaxing; well Match 3 Games online just might be the ticket to your tranquil gaming evening.

Unless you were born in a cave or have lived on the fringes of civilization for several decades you are probably familiar with a little game titled 'Bejeweled' and its multiple offspring. This is the patriarch and prime example of all Match 3 Games, a genre whose title should give you a good example of the gameplay involved. Like most gaming genres there is an underlying theme that connects this collection of games, but there is also endless variation to keep you on your toes; Match 3 can incorporate anything from adventure, to shooting and even hidden object games with its linking theme of matching objects together. Bubble Shooter is a good basic (and non-apprehensive) example where the object is to connect three or more bubbles of the same color until the entire screen has been cleared. Then there are the more in-depth and complex story based versions like BioGems which adds something reminiscent of Final Fantasy style battles along with the match up of colored gems and special icons.

If you've ever gotten hooked on Dr. Mario or any other game of a narcotic quality addictiveness (there should now be a Rehab Mario) here you'll find nearly four dozen of the best Match 3 Games online the internet has to offer to keep you chasing the proverbial dragon, including a Mario Match game just because anything with Mario is bound to be good, and is. Employ your best puzzle solving neurons and prepare for a few hours of challenging fun.     Wikipedia