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Pirate Games

Pirate Games - Aarrghh! Ravage the Seven Seas!

Two or three hundred years ago pirates were the scourge of the seven seas, hoisting the Jolly Roger with its iconic skull and crossbones design to terrify merchant ships, capture their loot and living the free life out on the open ocean answering to no man (except their possibly tyrannical and viciously violent captain). Pirate games keep that myth alive; it is no wonder there is such a mystic behind the classic idea of the pirate as people continue to crave that freedom, adventure and carefree lifestyle.

Of course reality and legend don't usually fit. Real pirates would have been filthy, uneducated and cruel seadogs with little more than greed and plunder on their minds, with perhaps a handful of exceptions. Modern pirates are not even worth mentioning as they do not fit in any way into the classic idea of big sails and endless seas. There's not really much to admire from that perspective but when the myth behind something is more interesting and adventurous than the reality the myth usually takes over in people's minds and makes it true in essence. Pirate games keep that myth alive and allow the player to experience the romantic notion of sailing uncharted waters and clashing with a few craft with close quarter's cannon fire.

These games are all about action, adventure and (of course) mountains of gold, possibly aboard a target ship or maybe buried on an island somewhere. Just remember that 'X' always...always...Always marks the spot. If you want to experience interactive gameplay with lost treasure, the swiftest of sailing ships and lots of monster cannonballs then become the captain of your own ship and show other sailors who is master of the waves. Hoist the sails, get someone in the crow's nest, man the helm and hold fast.     Wikipedia