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Fun Robot Games Online

Titanium frames, micro-processors, positronic pathways and programming for action are the fundamental components soldered together to create the genre of robot games. Leave all your human emotional baggage behind, all you'll need is a perfect rationale and a blind focus on completing the assigned mission, whatever it may be.

There are a massive amount of combinations possible for this category of games: play as robots, battle against the metallic hordes, construct your own androids, solve puzzles and everything else you can imagine that can be accomplished with a computer brain, a handful of nuts and bolts and a bit of clockwork. We'll not get bogged down with semantics; there is a difference between a robot and an android. And don't worry about Asimoz and Philip K. Dick's philosophy behind the use and abuse of artificial intelligence; just keep the wheels turning, the laser beams flying and have as much fun as Bender on a bender. Robot games are the perfect category for gamers looking for a diverse set of games with a technological edge. And loving constant action doesn't hurt either.

But while you will undoubtedly be inundated with action in many of these games don't forget the brain behind the brawn of robots. Of any category this one contains some of the best and most memorable puzzle games you'll come across anywhere in the world of online flash games. Test your logic, analytical abilities and problem solving skills with tough puzzles games like 'Robots Can't Think,' one of the most complex and exciting games that focus on the abilities of robot intelligence. Whatever you're here for, whether it is to kill all humans as a termination droid, to stop robots from killing all humans or to test the limits of your and your robotic friend's intelligence this is the category to find all the best games.     Wikipedia