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Most Played Running Games


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Running Games

The earliest video games were all based around very simple concepts like bouncing a ball, moving through a maze or moving a character across a 2-D environment avoiding obstacles. Running games harken back to those simpler times, but don't confuse simple with dull or easy. If you're any kind of gamer you'll know that those early games will live on in history long after Skyrim is a forgotten relic. Few games today can match the difficulty and addictive qualities of games from the golden era that have a fraction of the technology behind their development.

The internet is the perfect place to find new and original games that still hold true to the quality and playability of the games you grew up with (if you're old enough to remember when MTV played music videos). These games will be easy to learn but not so easy to win. The fundamental action behind this category should be fairly obvious to the player from the name - move a character across the screen or through an environment by running, usually avoiding obstacles, taking the right path, or avoiding the razor sharp teeth of an angry, drooling Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Not all running games are that basic. Gaming fans looking for their next job productivity threatening game obsession could do worse than Fancy Pants Adventure: World 3. With plenty of action, puzzles and an amusing story line to be had this is one game that will keep you coming back for more. If you were ever a fan of Sonic games (and if you are looking in this category you should be, the ultimate game about running) Fancy Pants will be the next heir to the speed / acrobatic throne. You may think running is just another physical activity but these games, especially Fancy Pants himself, will show gamers how much adventure there is to be found with swift feet as your ally.     Wikipedia