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Animal Games for Kids!

This will either be PETA's favorite game category or their most protested (never know which way Alec Baldwin will go). Animal games for kids honor every species from mammal to reptile but they also put them through a rigorous test and long working schedule, all for your entertainment. Some might call this exploitation, but for those who do we have only one thing to say: they're made from computer code and pixels, not fur and bones so please go feed your cat and just enjoy the animal adventures.

Many of these games will appeal to animal lovers because they allow you to play with or care for a number of pets (without the negative side-effects of a hairy sofa and unpleasant messes on the antique carpet). But those are the obvious fans; those who might not realize this is a gaming category to take notice of are the adventure games fans. Animal games for kids often put the player in control of an anthropomorphic animal character that must avoid obstacles, solve mysteries, explore fantastic realms and occasionally avoid becoming someone's entree. Help the fox Sly assist his friend William in William and Sly 2 one of the most beautifully designed free flash games available anywhere. These games often have expansive nature environments to explore with clever hiding places and puzzles to solve.

Help cute cartoon farm animals perform tasks or enter a more menacing world of complexity where only the most skilled of gamers will achieve victory. The world can be a frightening place for animals, full of predators and danger. You can help support your animal friends by leading them and keeping them safe through level after level. Help the unfortunately amnesic swine Mr. Bree recover his memory, avoid death traps, and find his way home again. Like Mr. Bree: Returning Home these games can be very challenging platform style games, or they can be more casual and fun games full of the most adorable faces. One thing is for certain...that Mr. Bree sure is "Some Pig." (and PETA is a good cause!)     Wikipedia