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CSI Games

Solving crimes is the ultimate purpose of the investigator and detective and there is only one way to find the perpetrators and bring them to justice, by finding and following the clues they will inevitably leave behind no matter how inconspicuous they may be. Your job in CSI Games will be to lend your keen eye and sharp mind to the crime scene, find the items that will lead to the trail of the criminals, and stay relentlessly on their heels. For those with a passion for crime fiction and television shows you haven't yet experienced the genre in full flavor until you've tested your own merits as an investigator with a few good flash games.

These games usually present themselves in the hidden object and seek and find style where the player will be immersed in a level where they will need to search every crook and cranny for any object that could be a clue to solving a crime. Trust no one and beware of false leads, you'll need every ounce of your brain matter to find the clues and put them together. There are few moments in gaming that carry more satisfaction than that "AH-HA!" moment when the clues click in your head and you figure the crime out. Put on your best pair of gum-shoes and lend your investigative talents to solving the crimes in these free games.     Wikipedia