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Online Cannon Games with physics!

Upgrade the caliber of your firepower with Cannon Games. These projectile launching tools of mass destruction are the granddaddy of all guns. If you're a fan of shooting games but would prefer to measure your ammunition in inches or feet rather than millimeters and prefer large scale destruction over fine skill these games are the wall smashing, ship sinking, tank battling, kitten launching games you've been searching for. Cannons up the gunpowder and eliminate the need for sheer precision, if you can hit near the target chances are the enemy won't be having a good day.

Heavy firepower may be emphasized in these games over sniper skills, but that doesn't mean some of the selections in this category won't require a bit of finesse and careful aim. Many games are branches off of the physics game genre so the player will need to eyeball the distance and firepower needed to eliminate the target or send the projectile as great a distance as possible. Overwhelm the opposition with Cannon Games and blast your way to victory. Whether you're looking to conquer the seven seas or simply want to see your least favorite teenage pop singing sensation go boom these are the shell launching free online games for you.     Wikipedia