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Construction Games

Destruction is easy - it doesn't take long to bring a structure down, but it can take years of careful planning and work to create one. More than a handful of flash games take advantage of the first fact and set the player loose to destroy in action fueled blazes of mayhem, but Construction Games take a different path. Player's in this category will need a strategic approach and the ability to manage multiple tasks at once to build, create and maintain. Set your brain to architect mode to design castles, spaceships and everything in-between.

Just like in the real world the ultimate enemy of a standing structure is gravity so player's will have to do more than simply stack blocks together like a preschooler. Physics is an unforgiving mistress in the virtual world as well so when motion and height are involved the player will need a bit of brains to pull off certain tasks. At their heart Construction Games are essentially puzzle games where certain objectives will have to be thought out, problems solved and obstacles eliminated. The environment of the game is an important factor in construction scenarios so choose where you build carefully and take into account ideas you may not have considered before. These free online flash games will allow you to create the most imaginative of structures.     Wikipedia