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Most Played Crime Scene Games


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Crime Scene Games

Proceed with caution into the world of Crime Scene Games where danger may lurk behind any corner. Put on the flat-footed, gum stuck shoes of a detective and investigate the scene of the crime for clues the ordinary police may have overlooked. These games are not for the faint of heart or slow of wit, surprises lie in waiting and the player must keep their minds open (as well as both eyes) in order to find the right clues that will lead to the answers to the crime. So submerge yourself into a complex world of mystery and see how your skills stack up next to the likes of other famous detectives.

This is the perfect category for players torn between two genres: puzzles and adventure. There will be more than enough of both waiting within these games. Solve complex riddles and search through cluttered crimes scenes while keeping your mind on the action at hand - finding the perpetrator of the crime in question. Crime Scene Games rely mainly on point-and-click gameplay so they are very simple to learn and control but an immense challenge to win. With the observational skills of a Shirley Holmes and the hard-boiled edge of Philip Marlow you just might manage to solve the most puzzling crimes since the Whitechapel murders.     Wikipedia