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Difference Games

Brain training games are perhaps one of the few fads that actually have a beneficial quality for mankind. One of the original examples of this cluster of neuron stimulating simulacrums are Difference Games which require of the player an unbelievable eye for detail, a mountain of patience and the belief that having a better brain is actually a positive thing (sadly, not everyone believes so). Put your thinking cap on, rub the T.V. out of your eyes and take your synapses out for a stretch with this great selection of free brain boosting games.

If you haven't discerned the objective of these games from the title of the category the rules are simple: spot the differences that are hidden within two images that at first glance look identical. Most of you may have played Difference Games before, and others might scoff at them as being "for kids," but in reality this is a great exercise for the brain that works both the occipital and parietal lobes (the ones responsible for spatial relationships and identifying objects). Oh yeah, and it's just plain fun. Treat your brain right and entertain yourself simultaneously by taking a quick perusal through a few of these stimulating puzzle games.     Wikipedia