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Most Played Four Wheeler Games


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Free Four Wheeler Games and 4 Wheelers Games for kids of any age!

Ride on into full throttle, dirt hopping, mid-air flipping extreme madness with Free Four Wheeler Games online. There are no roads and no rules, just four wheels, an engine, enough adrenaline to restart the heart of a dying sperm whale and you the player, if you have the skills and guts to hold on at top speeds in these intense courses of a four wheeler game. Intestinal fortitude is only a minor necessity to play. You'll need the mad skills behind the 4 wheeler controls as a hardcore flash game player because victory will not come easy here. Keep your reflexes fine-tuned and your button pushing finger on a hair trigger and never ever wuss out and hit the brakes.

Some of the selections in this category will be four wheeler racing games that will push your limits as a speed freak (the kind that drives fast, not the kind that twitches and sees Sir Robert Walpole dancing on top of the privacy fence next door). However, the real piston pumping heart and soul of free Four Wheeler Games is in the most audacious stunts imaginable. Leap, climb, flip and drive the undrivable with these four wheelers games and do it with style. If you like games that take racing and danger to the max this humble category will drive you where no Evel Knievel wannabe has gone before.     Wikipedia