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Helicopter Games Online

The helicopter seems like a bizarre invention, it hardly looks aerodynamic or graceful but it has proven to be one of the most useful flight tools in both war and peace since its conception. For flight simulation game fans Helicopter games are too often ignored for bigger and better air planes and jets, but this flying machine offers whole new challenges and gameplay options to choose from that every pilot wannabe should experience. With controls that will seem totally alien at first and maneuvers a fixed winged aircraft would find impossible the player can experience brand new and original missions with this set of games and a different experience behind the controls.

There are two distinct kinds of helicopters found in these games, the transporter and the gunship, and each offers a wholly different type of game. For those looking for action, mini-guns, rockets and enough explosions for an 80's Schwarzenegger movie (don't forget to 'git to de chopper!') the gunship will be your ride of choice. Infiltrate and destroy enemy bases and blast your way to victory with the most action packed Helicopter Games. For the more skill oriented the transportation helicopter will test your dexterity, reaction time and perhaps other abilities you never knew your brain had. Try your hand at dangerous and precise maneuvers, solve puzzles and perform critical rescue missions. Engage the rotors and take off for a great set of flash gaming challenges.     Wikipedia