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Hidden Games online

The selection available in the category of free Hidden Games online is one of those rare flash game niches that won't disappoint any gamer. These games are a visual feast unlike any other genre and will keep your eyes spot-welded to the screen searching for the mysteries, clues and secrets contained within each level. All you'll need to do well in these games is a good eye for details and the ability to put two and two together to solve the puzzles and mysteries that often complement this category. This is the perfect casual set of games for the player to relax with while still receiving a challenging set of objectives to complete in order to win.

There is an expansive selection here with dozens upon dozens of games to choose from. Go on adventures in the wild, explore uninhabited mansions or join the most famous detective of all on a quest to solve the next great murder mystery. In terms of graphics these Hidden Games are better than your average free online game and since the activity required to play is usually simple you can sit back and enjoy the images as you progress through level after level. Keep your eyes focused on the cluttered rooms and your brain open to the hidden object online details.     Wikipedia