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Most Played Killing Games


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Killing Games

Welcome to the most aptly, and bluntly, named categories of all, Killing Games. If you need a real detailed description of what will be the main objective in these games you may want to consider loosening your head band a little because apparently the blood is not flowing through those ever important brain capillaries so well. Do that now, we'll wait...good.

You don't need to treat Brett Easton Ellis's "American Psycho" like a neo-bible to appreciate the delectable destruction dished-out in this category, although it probably wouldn't hurt. Kill everything that moves, whatever it is, with absolutely no mercy - stickmen, zombies, ducks, soldiers, the occasional innocent bystander and perhaps, just perhaps, maybe one old man in a wheelchair, will fall under your wrath. If the sound of pushing an old man in a wheelchair off a cliff is not appealing you may want to try a different category because with Killing Games only those with a strong stomach and a sick sense of humor will make it through these levels. Let out your inner rage in a format that won't cause actual collateral damage - flash games. Kill until you've had your fill and then just kill some more. Oh, and by the way, you're one sick puppy.     Wikipedia