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Mahjong Games

Mahjong Games Online

These mahjong games are a great way to play the solitaire version of mahjong. Although its true namesake is a four player game, these versions use the same style of tiles. These games are a good way to have some fun while continuing to keep your brain in a state of stimulation.

If you like puzzles and matching games, this is exactly the type of game you want to look for. The original version of this digital solitaire mahjong consists of one hundred forty four tiles with symbols each one. The tiles are piled in a pattern of four layers and facing upward. Tiles with a open side are the ones that you need to attempt to match with the ones next to them or even on layers below. The goal is to find matches out of the symbols between the open tiles on any level. Once matched, the tiles are removed which open up more tiles to be played. The more matches you manage to make before you run out of available moves, the higher your score. Although this game can be played with real tiles and set up in a special frame, it is more often than not played digitally. This eliminates both the tedious set up time and the ability and temptation to cheat by rearranging tiles.

There are a number of variations of this game that range from different patterns on the on the tiles to changes in rules and even a complete overhaul in some cases. The pictures and shapes printed on the tiles are often altered from the traditional ones to give the game a distinct and unique theme. Some versions allow for alterations such as undoing moves and swapping tiles to make the game a little bit easier to make high scores in. There are even versions that change the rules completely by bringing them into the three dimensional world.

Mahjong games online are the perfect game to pose a decent challenge. There is something about classic matching games that are relaxing despite their difficulty. This game is a good way to sit back and clear your mind from time to time.     Wikipedia