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Most Played Murder Mystery Games


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Murder Mystery Games

A body is found - four simple words that spell out infinite variation and begin any number of mystery adventures for the flash game player to unravel and solve. Murder Mystery Games are a genre of questions, but first you have to discover what the questions are before you can begin searching for the answers. Who was this person? Who wanted them dead? How were they killed? The only path to victory is to find where the trail of clues leads by observing and unearthing details from each complex level. If you have the stomach to observe gruesome crime scenes and the brains to find the meaning behind the clues this genre of games will challenge and shock you until the crime is solved.

These games are an adventures variant on the hidden object sect where the objective is to search through images of exemplary detail and complexity for certain items that will lead you to the next level and the next until all the questions have reached their inevitable conclusion. Trudge through the gloom and doom of Murder Mystery Games that will test your capacity to run an investigation and catch the worst killers of the online domain. With some of the best graphics among flash games and the irresistible allure of a good murder mystery these games will dare and thrill the player to the shocking conclusion.     Wikipedia