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Free Mystery Games - Hidden Object Mystery Games

Unleash the full potential of your little gray cells to fit the clues together and solve the most puzzling mysteries as an amateur sleuth. Hidden Object Mystery Games are full of the unknown and hidden dangers and it will be up to you and you alone to unlock the secrets, solve the riddles and bring the truth to light. Travel the world from the dark streets of 19th century London to hidden caves in ancient Persia to explore different scenes for the answers to one of countless mysterious. This genre is for those with an eye for detail, a logical mind and an undying desire to seek out the unknown to make it known.

The free mystery games in this category fall mainly within the adventure and hidden object genres. You won't have to worry about touchy controls or relentless action to stress you out instead you'll need patience and brains to complete each task bringing yourself ever closer to solving the mystery. With gorgeous graphics, enigmatic plots and the irresistible quality that all good mysteries have any fan of crime and hidden object mystery games will find in this secret niche dozens of puzzling stories to immerse themselves in. Don your deerstalker cap and train your eye on the screen for clues hidden in the dark corners of disorderly rooms within these free games.     Wikipedia