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Pacman Games

If you stop and think about it Pacman is one of the oddest video game creations to come out of the golden age. He is a dot eating cheese-wheel like creature floating through a maze pursued by ghosts with occasional fits of invincibility. It's an odd formula but apparently a good one as Pacman Games remain popular to this day. Take control of this classic hero and dodge, eat and power up your way through countless maze levels. Test your retro-gaming abilities of quick reflexes and hair width procession maneuvers with the ultimate challenge of the arcade era.

The words 'ultimate challenge' are not an exaggeration. Old school game fans will know that perhaps the greatest gaming feat possible is a perfect game of Pacman. Few enough people have actually played the game from beginning to end, but those that have gotten every possible point through every level without a single mistake or loss of life might be fewer than the number of men who have walked on the moon. Take your best shot at 256 levels of pure gaming action with Pacman Game, one of the most popular gaming creations in history. Or try out one of the new original flash game creation only available online.     Wikipedia