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Platform Games

Celebrate your heritage as a gamer with Platform Games, one of the oldest genres that has been keeping players coming back for more since the early 1980s. You'll recognize the style immediately as that of the days when the arcade was king, Mario and Donkey Kong were heated enemies and the NES was the ultimate example of gaming technology. There are more popular categories but this is the genre that really holds the heart of online flash games and shows what purpose the internet can serve to classical gaming fans. Today's games are a remarkable achievement of technology, but the old styles have more power over the imagination than anything the modern gaming world has yet devised (will there ever be another Mario?).

There is a huge selection to choose from here that has everything from old and new adventures with your favorite video game heroes to totally original creations. The premise behind Platform Games is obvious, but like all good ideas it has a massive amount of flexibility so that each game will still be a one-of-a-kind experience. These games will test your most pivotal and basic gaming skills like reaction time, attention and some serious quick paced button pushing. Keep your favorite characters alive while moving from platform to platform and level to level.     Wikipedia