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Ragdoll Games

No, you're not here to play with Raggedy Ann and Andy, these Ragdoll Games are a little more painful, and much less innocent. The flash game ragdoll is usually a character to be used and abused to your wicked delight. Not all of these games are completely vicious, if you're here for light hearted fun it is possible to find, but for those with a sick sense of humor and a Dr. Mengele-esque eccentricity these games will be like coming home...coming home to the Marquis de Sade.

Hang 'em, cook 'em, chop 'em, drop 'em off a cliff on a rocket powered wheelchair - anything with a proclivity towards mayhem and destruction can be directed upon the head of one or more very unfortunate ragdolls. You don't have to be the bad guy, but it can be fun. In other games you will be the hero as in Gibbets where your mission is to rescue, not harm, the ragdolls in question - unfortunately if you're aim isn't precise, or you're feeling that mean streak coming on, the arrows will prove to be more deadly than helpful. Whatever your preference, to inflict catastrophic injury or to avoid it, Ragdoll Games provide the scenarios of chaos for your gaming pleasure.     Wikipedia