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Real Time Strategy Games

To closely match the reality of sitting in the command position of a battle or war no other genre can match Real Time Strategy Games. They say it is "good to be king," but it is also a lot of responsibility resting on your shoulders. The same can be said for a battlefield general, the king of no-man's-land, ambush tactics and overbearing firepower. Put on your best five-star uniform and engage the enemy at will with this great collection of online flash games where war is a way of life.

War games are probably as old as war itself and now with the advancement of the digital age anyone with a desire to take the command chair and a penchant for online flash games can test their ability to mimic the grizzled and battle worn tactician. From the metal clashing chaos of the Iron Age to futuristic engagements in space with unbelievable energy weapons every type of warfare is available to test and challenge your every brain cell. Real Time Strategy Games are one of the most popular sub-categories of the strategy genre because they not only emphasize the player's ability to out think and out maneuver an enemy but put the added pressure and realism of limited time and a possibly mobile opponent.

Whether you prefer to defend or conquer, play in fantasy battles or crash through the trenches of World War I, these games have the epic quality all war buffs enjoy. Travel through history with a sword in one hand and a grenade in the other moving huge battalions across the field, building defensive positions and testing your wit against a powerful foe. These games aren't just for the armchair warrior alone, any admirer of skill and puzzle games will find a satisfyingly stimulating mash of scenarios to solve. Go out and conquer, or just plain survive the onslaught, with the dozens of great online games of war available here.     Wikipedia