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Restaurant Games

Humans are animals and just like every other animal on this planet we all need to eat. This means that the food service industry has the potential to be a massively lucrative business; if you have a passion for cooking and enough business savvy you have the chance to become one of the most successful of restaurant tycoons within the universe of online flash games with these Restaurant Games.

A popular business ownership dream is the one where you open up a new restaurant in town which becomes one of the most frequented eateries in the region. Unfortunately not everyone who has this dream also possesses the funds (or the credit) to play it out. If you're one of the many with dreams of cakes, buffets, waiters and the best shepherd's pie in a 100 mile radius swirling in your head but have fallen prey to a less than great economy live out your fantasy with one of these fun Restaurant Games. Of course a love for food and cooking is not enough to succeed, the real challenge behind these games is management. Build and maintain the best restaurant possible from the ground up, keep the clientele happy (by feeding them quickly, of course) and spend your hard earned money wisely on upgrades and staff. Have fun and help keep America on top of the list - the list of most obese nation.     Wikipedia