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Most Played Room Escape Games


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Room Escape Games

Instead of just giving the player a puzzle to solve Room Escape Games put you directly into the puzzle. There are always brain bending dilemmas to crack in all types of puzzle games but what makes this category stand out a little from its peers is its incorporation of elements like adventure, mystery and this ticking sense sometimes of impending doom. With detailed levels to explore, some of which are photo-realistic, and piles of mysteries to discover this genre is one of the most original puzzle creations available in the world of online flash games.

Usually from a first person perspective you will need to find a way out of a room by solving complex riddles or you may need to enter a building or other structure that is blocked off. Played as a point and click adventure these games will require some impressive attention to detail, lots of patience, an ever vigilante mind and maybe just a bit of luck. Room Escape Games are often about putting two and two together where you don't think two and two should fit that will challenge every bit of your problem solving capacities. With infinite combinations, lots of adventurous storylines and unrivaled complexity this is one of the most impressive puzzles sub-genres available.     Wikipedia