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Seek and Find Games

Everyone likes a good scavenger hunt...and by everyone we mean everyone who has decent taste in adventure and detective games, for the rest of you it is time to find out what you've been missing. Seek and Find Games are for the player with an eagle eye for detail and the patience of the great Holmes himself. If you're looking for the word game that sometimes uses this title you're in the wrong category (better to call them word circle games), this niche of flash gaming is for the mystery buff and amateur sleuth who want to search for clues, investigate murders and solve ingenious crimes, or at least a tough visual puzzle.

With detailed levels with sometimes photorealistic imaging and some of the most spectacular graphics this category is for the player with a preference for beauty and mystery over oppressive action. Search through fascinating levels that hold the most complexity of any game your computer screen will ever hold. The main premise that binds Seek and Find Games together is the search for clues; use those superior vision abilities our species has been blessed with to ransack the images with your eye for all the relevant items and other clues that will lead to the completion of a puzzle or one step closer to breaking a mystery wide open. This is one of the perfect categories for the CSI wannabe, or anyone with an unbridled passion for puzzles.     Wikipedia