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Top Free Shooter Games Online

Put yourself behind the sights of every piece of projectile launching hardware ever devised for the top free (or yet to be devised) by mankind with shooter games. Firearms have been part of history for over 600 years and while that has led to some pretty brutal updates in warfare immerging from the ruble is one sure fire winner behind this innovation: the gamer. Since the early days of video games with classics like Asteroids and Space Invaders there have been a huge number of great games that have focused on the destruction of an enemy or the hitting of a target with some type of gun. The online community of flash games has continued this tradition into the information age. So don't forsake your heritage as a gamer, any lover of video games worth their salt has to pick up some experience in this category.

Two things are for certain: the player will never run out of options to choose from among this expansive genre and they will never have to worry about selecting a boring game. These top free shooter games put a capital "A" in the Action category. With hordes of zombies, robots and enemy soldiers to be dealt with you'll have plenty of targets to focus on without the nagging fear of running low on shells. Ammunition will flow like rain in a hurricane for you to decimate everything within the firing line. It might take some brains and a bit of a strategic approach to achieve victory in some of these games but the main objective is mindless violence (the best kind of violence) where you unload as much lead as possible into whomever possible. For hardcover fans of action games and for any fan of destruction on a mass scale this is the category of games to unleash your fury. Take your best shot.     Wikipedia