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Free Online Simulation Games

Simulation Games are perhaps the most intricate, complex and interactive type of flash game available on the net. You never know what type of game you may run into - from something as simple as running a bar or directing traffic to controlling the most powerful forces in the universe. These games mostly focus around building and maintaining. As CEO construct the biggest push-button company ever or go a little bigger and design an entire solar system complete with black holes and satellites for the planets. This category is full of games to live out your ultimate fantasies, whether that fantasy is to lead a mechanized army, have demi-god like powers or just to go fishing.

From running a business to the truly bizarre this is a niche of games every flash game aficionado needs to rummage through at least once on their quest through the web to find the best free games on the market. You're bound to find a few addictive, and potentially surprising, gems among these Simulation Games. If you have a whim for construction and want the most control and options an online game can provide try out some of these interesting concoctions and see what you can achieve behind the helm.     Wikipedia