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Strategy War Games

Strategy War Games

Warfare is as old as humanity; since Homo sapiens first realized they could band together, pick up a few stones and clubs and attack another group we've made every effort to do so and find better and better ways in which to do it. It is in our blood, so there is no shame in the craving for battle. Luckily today we can feed the need for war in the world of games and the Strategy War Games found here should help satisfy any human's bloodlust.

Strategy War Games are for the modern warrior. Although killing is a necessity, these games are not so much about brawn, but brains. Test your capabilities to solve complex puzzles of combat and become the commander of a group of forces and supplies under your every control. All good games are fun, but few genres actual test the player like strategy games do. Here you will need to push your abilities of time management, tactical knowledge and governing skills. Not only will most of these games throw you into the heat of battle but will force you to stop and think; to build, develop, train and effectively manipulate anything from a small band of soldiers to an entire empire.

Unlike other games strategy war games will not only appeal to the player's desire for fun or a challenge, but to their very instincts. And, unlike actual war, you won't have to worry about getting killed or having someone else's blood on your hands; here it is all animated. Games of strategy are a challenging, limitless variety of brain teasing conundrums for the armchair general (or, in some cases, the armchair dictator) and we've compiled the best on the web that will toss you between medieval combat, high seas destruction, realistic contemporary wars and everything in between to test your best tactical savvy.     Wikipedia