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Online Sudoku Games

The brain is as much a muscle as your biceps, and just like those limber tissues under your skin the tissue under your skull will wither and mold without proper and regular stimulation. Sudoku Games are a fun and challenging way to keep your gray matter in shape; there are no EMS machines to work the brain for you like your abs, so you'll have to rely on good old fashioned neural exercise to pump up your brain power. There are no corners to cut. Fortunately, like Sudoku, most brain games aren't just good for your cranial yoke they are fun and as addicting as any other dopamine spurring substance.

If you're not familiar with the rules of Sudoku (firstly, where have you been the last 8 years?) the objective is simple enough to follow, if not so simple to solve. The game is laid out in grid form and each square must contain one of 9 digits in the proper sequence so that each column and row is aligned with each number of the series. It is like tick-tack-toe for Bobby Fischer on steroids. With a little practice those convoluted instructions will come to light. Every puzzle will have a unique solution so all Sudoku Games are a one of a kind experience. Now put your brain in this online gaming gym and buff up those synaptic pathways.     Wikipedia