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Tank Games Online

The ultimate tool of conventional warfare tanks are not just a destructive force to be reckoned with they are perhaps the coolest vehicle ever to grace the earth. Tank Games put the player behind the controls of these armored terrors to seek and destroy anything that stands in the way of victory. Prepare to be inundated with endless action and some big explosions with you behind the controls. If you have the guts to enter the war zone (behind 12 inches of armor plating, of course) choke the engine to life, keep the treads churning and strategically complete destructive missions against countless enemies.

This is the perfect genre for players torn between two purposes. War games usually come in two basic categories - those that emphasize firepower and nearly mindless shooting (the best kind of shooting) and those that require a bit of tactical initiative where the player must out wit and overwhelm an enemy with strategy. Unlike most games Tank Games usually feature a bit of both. For firepower it doesn't get much better than a large-caliber turret gun on wheels (not to mention potentially endless ammunition) but these games will also test your tactical abilities with epic tank warfare. So strap in, drive right into the most hostile of territories and fire when ready.     Wikipedia