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Warfare Games

Land, air, sea and now in the information age even the less corporeal realm of the digital - humans have managed to bring warfare onto every possible plain and medium to fight clan to clan and nation to nation. It is no wonder warfare games have been and continue to be one of the most popular forms of flash game entertainment, the desire to wage conflict on a massive scale seems to be in our DNA (at least the male side). Free online games of war take this primordial urge for destruction and filter it into a nice little package where there are no real casualties. This is the perfect way to test your skills as a general without the political and moral baggage, you can just have fun exterminating the enemy.

Make Napoleon look like a clumsy fool and World War II look like a minor skirmish and take a trip through every type of warfare. Control massive armies or haul yourself through the mud as just another (oddly powerful) grunt. Go on the offensive to conquer countless enemies or focus on the strategy of defense. The second category is a particular challenge that will require an insurmountable amount of tactical knowledge with tower defense games at their forefront. Warfare Games will keep you up in arms and your gun barrel hot.     Wikipedia