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You are the world's best dancer. But even the best dancer needs to stay in shape. Try to master all of these songs in this flash version of Dance Dance Revolution. Use the arrow keys to chose the song you want to listen to, then hit space bar and choose your track. Once you start you must hit the arrow keys to correspond with the floating arrows. Get your speed and rhythm down as you hit them with accuracy. The arrows start coming faster and faster and you need to keep up! If you miss too many the song will end early and you will have to restart. Try to get the highest score!

Dance Dance ObamaDance Dance ObamaDance Dance Obama
Musa Music Match (M3)Musa Music Match (M3)Musa Music Match (M3)
Space BeatsSpace BeatsSpace Beats
Hip DanceHip DanceHip Dance
Beat MixerBeat MixerBeat Mixer
Virtual KeyboardVirtual KeyboardVirtual Keyboard
Operation Music AOperation Music AOperation Music A