Robot Unicorn Attack: Heavy Metal Game

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The metallic unicorn gets a reboot, and this time that cutesy little game turns heavy metal and so hardcore that the rainbow mane and tail that it once had turned into pure flaming fury. Robot Unicorn Attack: Heavy Metal tries its best to make you angry or depressed with demotivational quotes, saying that there is nothing in your future and nothing but horror awaits, but that must be what some metal fans out there are looking for. Demise. That's right, you will be following your demise in this game where the robot unicorn keeps running and you have to make it jump with the Z button to make it past those pitfalls. Sometimes, pentagrams will be on your way, and you don't have to jump through them because you can get extra points by dashing through them that will give you a boost in speed that will allow you to destroy it. Note that you have to dash through it though, because crashing into it will only kill you.

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