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You are a zombie trying to climb your way out from deep within the Earth. Your main goal is to get to the Earth's surface and walk around killing people like all of your normal zombie friends. However, the journey is long and there are many obstacles. You have to avoid rocks, spikes, and dangerous enemies as you travel. You should try to collect all of the bones you see for extra points. Sharp turns are really difficult to execute. Make sure to go through any coffins that you see because they will serve as your respawn points.

Ghosts Stole My PuppyGhosts Stole My PuppyGhosts Stole My Puppy
Zombie PinballZombie PinballZombie Pinball
Graveyard ManiacsGraveyard ManiacsGraveyard Maniacs
Hungry Zombie RampageHungry Zombie RampageHungry Zombie Rampage
Zombies Ate My PhoneZombies Ate My PhoneZombies Ate My Phone
Zombie Big TroubleZombie Big TroubleZombie Big Trouble
Undead IsleUndead IsleUndead Isle
Undead HighwayUndead HighwayUndead Highway