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100 Crazy Balls is a very simple casual game that rewards the player for their skill of timing and accuracy. You will start the game with 100 balls that have average physical properties and your task is to tap the screen to open the hatch to let balls fall from the above container into the mason jars that are scrolling at the bottom. Each time you successfully land balls into the jars you will receives points and the higher your streak gets the higher the scores will multiply. Bonuses are mixed randomly into the jar that will change the physical properties of the balls themselves as well as reward you with an additional amount of balls indicated on the label.

Bouncy NinjaBouncy NinjaBouncy Ninja
Don't Touch The SpikesDon't Touch The SpikesDon't Touch The Spikes
Block KnockerBlock KnockerBlock Knocker
Brain Ball RunawayBrain Ball RunawayBrain Ball Runaway
Angry BotsAngry BotsAngry Bots
Magneto 3Magneto 3Magneto 3